NPICO Journal

"West Ham left the Boleyn Ground, Upton Park, in 2016 after 112 years of playing there. Our new home is the London Stadium in Stratford. A lot of supporters weren't in favour of the move and 4 years on many still aren't.

We can't stay in the past and if we want to progress as a club we need to make more money, and a bigger ground allows us to do that but we haven't seen any of the benefits of this yet.

Upton Park has been replaced by Barratt London's Upton Gardens - 842 one and two bedroom flats, with hardly any sign left of the club. This body of work is a collection of what is left of West Ham's presence in Upton Park.

112 years of history has been reduced to a block of flats."

Words & Photography by Luke Villars

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